COVID-19 Message: Due to the pandemic, sabbath services are very limited until further notice.  If you are interested in attending, please email us your name, the number of people in your party, and date that you are interested in attending service.  Someone will contact you to confirm or reschedule your visit. Thank you and be safe.

We hold services every Shabbat until sundown (see our calendar for exact start times).

Our services are filled with praise and prayer to the Power of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Yisrael). We worship Him and Him alone, as He says in Isaiah 45 v.5: “I am YHWH and there is no other, beside me there is no Elohim.”

In our morning service, we read and review the Torah portion for the week. The Torah refers to the first five books of Moses – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy – and is divided into 54 sections. Over the course of the year, we study the laws, statutes, and commandments contained in these chapters, and in doing so deepen our understanding of what the Creator of heaven and earth expects from us. We also have a children’s class, where our youth learn the same content on their level.

Morning service is followed by a lunch break, where we eat together. Every family brings their own meal, but if you let us know in advance that you’re coming, we can be sure to make preparations for you.

Our afternoon services tend to be very interactive, with Q&A sessions, a review of current events, discussions, and various activities that help strengthen our community in righteousness.

Whether you’re a practicing Israelite or just starting out on your journey for truth, we invite you to visit us. If you’re new to our community, please read the FAQs below, and contact us if you have additional questions not answered below.

We are not a messianic congregation. Our understanding and practice is based on the Tanach (also called the “Old Testament”), which unequivocally states that our Power is One, and besides Him there is no other (Deuteronomy 6 v.4; Deuteronomy 32 v.12, v.39; Isaiah 45 v.5-7).

We like to dress well for Shabatot (the plural of Shabbat), and especially show out for feast days! Brothers tend to wear slacks and cultural tops or button downs. Sisters wear loose-fitting calf-length or longer skirts or dresses; dresses and tops should have sleeves. Head coverings are not required.

We don’t cook or reheat food on Shabbat, based on our understand of Exodus 35:3. Therefore you should bring food that you’re comfortable eating cold or at room temperature. We also strictly observe the dietary laws explained in Leviticus 11, so we don’t consume or allow in the building pork, shellfish, fish without scales (e.g. catfish), or products containing derivatives of unclean animals. Feel free to contact us before coming if you’re unsure about a food product!

There are some Hebrew words used frequently at Hashabah Yisrael, and they will be explained as they’re used to make sure you understand exactly what’s going on. The Torah service (approx. 30 mins) is also conducted primarily in Hebrew, but English translations are provided at every stage.

Here are some of the more common words you will hear:

  • Shalom – literally means “peace,” but is used as “hello” and “bye”
  • Shabbat Shalom – a greeting used to wish someone a peaceful sabbath
  • Qumu – it means “rise” and is an instruction for the congregation; we rise when leaders and elders enter the sanctuary, or are called up to speak or read
  • Yah Chai – it means “Yah Lives,” or “Yah is Alive”
  • Amen – it’s an expression of affirmation or agreement
  • Halleluyah – it means “praise Yah”
  • Todah – it means “thank you”
  • Slichah – it means “excuse me”
  • Kein – it means “yes”
  • Lo – it means “no”

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