About Us

Hashabah Yisrael: Hebrew Family of Charlotte is an Israelite congregation in Charlotte, NC. Our name –  in Hebrew – means “returning” or “restoring,” and summarizes our mission as a family and as a congregation.

Our mission is to restore righteousness, morals, and ethics in the world, and in doing so, demonstrate a return to the Power of Israel, whom we serve. We strive to live righteously by following the laws, statutes, and commandments given to Moses at Mount Sinai, and later recorded in the Tanach (תנ׳׳ך), also known as the “Old” Testament.

We hold services every Shabbat (Saturday) and on all Biblical holy days, as well as celebrate new months, new years, and other events together as a community. We welcome all members of the Israelite Diaspora, and would love for you to come visit and worship with us

COVID-19 Message: Due to the pandemic, sabbath services are very limited until further notice.  If you are interested in attending, please email us your name, the number of people in your party, and date that you are interested in attending service.  Someone will contact you to confirm or reschedule your visit. Thank you and be safe.